kith_koby (kith_koby) wrote,

Officer's Training and My Absence

"Ered en echoriath, ered embar nin!" - Voronwe Aranwion.

Thank the Lord, after three weeks in Officer’s Training far from home, I have finally returned. Apropos of the opening quote, I arrived just in time to receive Winter in my face - it had started earlier, but we had naught of it in the Negev where Officer’s Training takes place. It was sad to miss Hanukkah with the family, but such is life. It’s going well so far, though I am not enjoying as much as I expected - it does not yet live up to the hype (and there was much hype), but the last week made some great advances. The other cadets I'm with are great, but some of the staff is... well, somewhat disagreeable in very subtle ways which nonetheless bother me. More bothersome is our schedule and what we learn, which is sometimes boring, sometimes tedious, and sometimes plain bothersome.  Still, I am content enough, especially since I have only 8 more weeks and from now on I’ll be back every other weekend.

In other matters, I have missed far too much. 120 emails (by now, after some 6 hours of work, 28), numerous personal happenings and so forth. I probably won’t have much time to catch up either… but I did try to do my best in the short time that was allotted to me after Shabbat, and continue to do so in the few hours I have left.

I have missed so much, so there is no way I can catch up with it all. I am forced to pick and choose, so please do not be offended if I do not address some issue/post any of you have raised. The same will probably happen when I return home Friday two weeks from now. Still, I have gotten the gist of some things going on in the internet, so dear friends, answer if you know: How desperately do I need to see Frozen in your opinion?

I am running out of time, and it is late; so I will wish you all a good winter, and hope to be able to reply to you in two weeks, when I return home once more.


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