kith_koby (kith_koby) wrote,

A Long Absence

To all my friends: I will not be around for the next fortnight, at least; I am going off to Officer’s Training in the morning, and I will not (or at least, should not) have access to the internet, nor indeed the time for it. Even when I return, I will have little time to read or reply, especially since on the following Sunday morning I’ll be off again to another week of training, and so forth, hopefully for the next 5 months. So, if you want me to see something, tag me, and I’ll try to find time for it. Otherwise, all best wishes to all of you in whatever endeavors you try, and keep safe.

@kmo: I hope life continues to be good, despite the heavy load. I can't promise anything about the fic exchange, but I'll make an attempt to at least finish finish my Mara fic, so I won't be wholly without something to contribute. Hopefully I'll have some inspiration for the last scene while in training (you'd be surprised how often this happens).

@Overlithe: Good luck with the mockery, and finding a cure for cancer, or if it is a front for CONTROL/KAOS, saving/taking over the world!

@Faye: I don't know what exactly is going on with you, but I hope all is aright, and that your personal problems will be solved to the best of your ability.

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