Purimfest 5775

Happy Purim, friends!

"And that these days should be remembered and kept throughout every generation, every family, every province, and every city; and that these days of Purim should not fail from among the Jews, nor the memorial of them perish from their seed.” - Esther IX, 28.

Some 2,500 years later, and we’re still celebrating. And in this moment, despite all our troubles, that’s all I need to know. As I read today: “Behold, I make a covenant: before all thy people I will do marvels, such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation" (Exodus XXXIV, 10).

We’ve seen these marvels; near 4,000 years of them, and still strong today. And Purim is a perfect example of this covenant, these marvels which the Lord has done to us.

2,500 years, friends, and this holiday is still kept; it has not failed; the memory has not perished. We continue the celebration tonight and today.

2,500 years, friends. Steady on, and party ever onwards!

Forgiveness and Atonement

So, the great the day is once more upon us. In but a few hours, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement will begin. And as such, I have seen fit to post once more, and apologize.

What is there to apologize for? Many things, not the least neglect, lack of accuracy, delay in replying to others and so much more. And while I know these all sound trivial, nonetheless one hsould apologize for causing otherwise any amount of discomfort. And so, to any of my friends and followers I have hurt throughout this previous year, I apologize. May we all be written and sealed in the Book of Life, the Book of Memory, and the Book of Forgiveness. All the best, and a good year to us all.

Officer's Training and My Absence

"Ered en echoriath, ered embar nin!" - Voronwe Aranwion.

Thank the Lord, after three weeks in Officer’s Training far from home, I have finally returned. Apropos of the opening quote, I arrived just in time to receive Winter in my face - it had started earlier, but we had naught of it in the Negev where Officer’s Training takes place. It was sad to miss Hanukkah with the family, but such is life. It’s going well so far, though I am not enjoying as much as I expected - it does not yet live up to the hype (and there was much hype), but the last week made some great advances. The other cadets I'm with are great, but some of the staff is... well, somewhat disagreeable in very subtle ways which nonetheless bother me. More bothersome is our schedule and what we learn, which is sometimes boring, sometimes tedious, and sometimes plain bothersome.  Still, I am content enough, especially since I have only 8 more weeks and from now on I’ll be back every other weekend.

In other matters, I have missed far too much. 120 emails (by now, after some 6 hours of work, 28), numerous personal happenings and so forth. I probably won’t have much time to catch up either… but I did try to do my best in the short time that was allotted to me after Shabbat, and continue to do so in the few hours I have left.

I have missed so much, so there is no way I can catch up with it all. I am forced to pick and choose, so please do not be offended if I do not address some issue/post any of you have raised. The same will probably happen when I return home Friday two weeks from now. Still, I have gotten the gist of some things going on in the internet, so dear friends, answer if you know: How desperately do I need to see Frozen in your opinion?

I am running out of time, and it is late; so I will wish you all a good winter, and hope to be able to reply to you in two weeks, when I return home once more.


A Long Absence

To all my friends: I will not be around for the next fortnight, at least; I am going off to Officer’s Training in the morning, and I will not (or at least, should not) have access to the internet, nor indeed the time for it. Even when I return, I will have little time to read or reply, especially since on the following Sunday morning I’ll be off again to another week of training, and so forth, hopefully for the next 5 months. So, if you want me to see something, tag me, and I’ll try to find time for it. Otherwise, all best wishes to all of you in whatever endeavors you try, and keep safe.

@kmo: I hope life continues to be good, despite the heavy load. I can't promise anything about the fic exchange, but I'll make an attempt to at least finish finish my Mara fic, so I won't be wholly without something to contribute. Hopefully I'll have some inspiration for the last scene while in training (you'd be surprised how often this happens).

@Overlithe: Good luck with the mockery, and finding a cure for cancer, or if it is a front for CONTROL/KAOS, saving/taking over the world!

@Faye: I don't know what exactly is going on with you, but I hope all is aright, and that your personal problems will be solved to the best of your ability.

Getting to Know You & Me

A questions meme!

-Comment with "What is a week-end?"
-I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
-Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
-Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions. (If you want. Totally optional.)

Questions provided by kmo_lj

1) What is the meaning behind your username?
It's rather embarrassing, really... but I got into LJ (and many other online communities) when I was younger and rather obsessed with Dragonlance, especially with a certain Elven king, Kith-Kanan, who was an amazing guy in the books, an elf who went ahead to found a totally new elf nation which wasn't an elf nation, but one where dwarves, humans, elves and half-elves could live together peacefully and happily... So, since my first name (well, technically nickname) is Koby, and that sounded similar enough to make a good combination, I took to naming myself Kith-Koby on internet communities.

2) What is your favorite tv show/book/movie from your childhood?
Well, that depends on what you term 'childhood'. But if we're talking until I became a teenager, my favorite show was either Digimon or Sailor Moon (but only Sailor Moon S, because it has the Outers being awesome), my favorite book was The Swiss Family Robinson, and my favorite movie was National Geographic's Natural Disasters.

3) Do you have any strange hobbies or quirks?
Um... Does fangirling count? I like to do an in-depth analysis of what I read or watch, especially characters... and I suppose some people might consider my constant study of the Babylonian Talmud odd.

4) What are your three favorite narrative or literary kinks?
Ooh, this is hard. Well the first is obvious. Powerful women. kmo_lj knows all about this, it's our type. Which leads me to my second favorite, anti-heroes or complex villains, generally somewhere between Type I and Type IV, with a preference for Type III (Haruka and Michiru and Homura (Akemi) are excellent examples. Lastly, good world building. That was what ruined Harry Potter for me, before all the plot holes and wangst and books written for kids read by grownups caught up with me. It's why I love Lord of the Rings, and went on to read anything of Tolkien I could find, even The Shibboleth.

5) If you had unlimited time, ambition and skill, what fic would you most want to write?
No question whatsoever here. Melisande fics until the end of the world. Also, more history of Terre d'Ange. And if we're doing dreams, Symrustar Auglamyr in several different worlds, including the Kushiel Series, Harry Potter, and a few other worlds.
Also, maybe my crossover of doom for awesome somewhat-villainous women, including Emma Frost, Melisande, Azula, Regina, Symrustar, Morgana...


Today (Sunday) is the Tenth of Tevet, the day set by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel to be the Day of the General Kaddish, for those victims of the Holocaust whose death date was never known, and in memory of all the 6 million Jews who were murdered. This piece, called ‘Kaddish’, by Maurice Ravel, and the accompanying story, are in their memory.

On the first Day of Judgement after the Holocaust, a group of survivors gathered for the traditional prayers beginning Rosh HaShana. Before they began, one of them spoke. “Today, Jews all over the world will plead with God to judge them favorably and grant them what they wish. What shall we wish for? Sustenance? We have lived on air for the past five years! Life? What life is there to those who have walked through hell?! Children? They were all taken from us, and have returned to the Earth from which we were born! And yet, as Jews, we yet have one last request from God on this day: ‘Yitgaddal veyitqaddash shmeh rabba!’*
*’May His great name be exalted and sanctified!’, the opening line of the Kaddish.
Symrustar's Sigil

Fic: 'The Earth He Gave to Men'

Username: kith_koby
House: Sharizai
Title: 'The Earth He Gave to Men'
Characters/Pairings: Anael, Elua.
Summary: If He gave the Earth to men, why did angels join Elua upon it?
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None, before both trilogies.
Word Count: 734
# of Scenes: 1
I own nothing. I am merely a humble beggar, sampling from the table of Jacqueline Carey, who must dwell with the angels she writes about. I gain no profit from this work beyond the joy I had in writing it.
Notes: Will be posted on under my username Meneldur and on Eglantine House and Elua's Children here on LiveJournal.
So, Third in my Seven Companions of Elua series, now dealing with Anael. The reasons were actually rather easy to figure out, one they hit me. But the language… well, I was unsure how biblical it was. My dearest cousin (and favored beta reader) assured me it was up to the standard of my previous chapters, though, so I am content. The verse quoted comes from Psalms CXV ,16. The interpretation of Somerville – well, 'ville' is city in French, but I found no French word 'somer'. So I picked the closest-sounding Hebrew word. As always, feedback is solicited and appreciated.

And when Anael came before Elua, he was neither proud nor merry nor defiant; only patient and content, unmoving as the Earth itself. And Elua looked at him, and felt a kinship; for Elua had been born of Mother Earth, and Anael had cared for it long. And Elua was glad in his heart, for he knew he would have another companion on his journey to love. Yet it was not the way of Elua to accept anyone without giving them the choice, and making a choice himself. So he asked Anael, "Why do you join me?"

"For my part, Lord, it is my nature that drives me", answered Anael. "And yet the reasons are rooted deep, and are indeed as many as roots. It all began at the start. The Lord planted a wondrous Garden, with the help of his consort, Mother Earth. And He set Man to guard and grow it, which he did under my tutelage. But then He cast Man out for using the fruit as it was meant to be used, eating it. And from then forth, the Lord has forgotten me, and this land we walk upon.  So much has He withdrawn, that He has even proclaimed: 'The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord's: but the earth hath He given to the children of men'."

Elua nodded, understanding; for he had felt the withdrawal of his grandfather, and he too was grieved by it. "But why do you join me, then, my lord Anael? I am also not a man."

Anael laughed at that. "Indeed?" he asked. "It may be so. But are you not the child of one? For Yeshua was mortal. And furthermore, were you not conceived in the womb of Earth, which is your Mother? These are not occurrences void of meaning, Elua. I have longed to return to the Garden of Eden for eternity; but the Garden was of all three: Of the Lord, of Mother Earth, and of Man. In you, I see my hope."

Elua frowned at that. "Do you follow me only for your hope of Eden, then?"

Anael shook his head at that, and answered vehemently. "Not at all! And yet, even were it so, is it not a worthy thing, to have loved a place where all walked in harmony? But there is yet more love to give; for I love the land, and all growing and living things on it. And under your feet, these things flourish, thanks to the gift of your Mother. And I would have you know how to care for them, and love them, even as you love men."

And Elua laughed at that, for he was well pleased; and it seemed to him a worthy thing, to love all creation of the Lord and Mother Earth, even the beasts of the field and the plants of the land. And that night, Anael taught Elua many things; of plowing and sowing and harvesting, and other such tasks man might use.  And Elua knew Anael, and loved him well; for in him was love for such beings Elua had not thought to love, and they were glad.

And when they came at last to Terre d'Ange, Anael took to himself the fertile plains, which he called the heartlands. And he loved them, and filled them with seeds and men and women, making them bountiful. And his children were known as Somer, for it was Hebrew for Anael's role, that of guard and watcher, who kept the land safe and plentiful. And in time, that became Somerville, for it was only thanks to their toil that civilization rose and cities were built. And they could always be distinguished by the scent of apples which followed them on the breeze, the gift of their father, who had never forgotten the Apples of Eden.


Fic: 'Fill Your Mouth with Laughter'

Title: 'Fill Your Mouth with Laughter'
Characters/Pairings: Nicola L'Envers/OFC, Melisande Shahrizai (mentioned)
Summary: There is much happiness to be had by all after the wedding. Some seek it in unusual ways and with unexpected people.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Yes, shortly after both the end of the second trilogy.
Word Count: 3,456
# of Scenes: 3
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I am merely a humble beggar, sampling from the table of Jacqueline Carey, who must dwell with the angels she writes about. I gain no profit from this work beyond the joy I had in writing it.
Notes: Will be posted on under my username Meneldur and on Eglantine House and Elua's Children here on LiveJournal.
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Fic: 'War and Vengeance in My Heart'

Username: kith_koby
House: Sharizai
Title: 'War and Vengeance in My Heart'
Characters/Pairings: Elua, Camael
Summary: What is war, and where is love in it?
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None, before both trilogies.
Word Count: 1,001
# of Scenes: 1
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I am merely a humble beggar, sampling from the table of Jacqueline Carey, who must dwell with the angels she writes about. I gain no profit from this work beyond the joy I had in writing it.
Notes: Will be posted on under my username Meneldur and on Elua's Children here on LiveJournal.

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